For me, photography started 10 years feeling burned out and dissatisfied with my job. During one of my daily grid-locked commutes, I traveled over the Dumbarton Bridge and really saw the sweeping landscape with water and sky merging. This was the antidote and reminded me of my high school interest in painting. So, I bought a state-of the art 1 MP digital camera began to take reference photos and found a watercolor workshop in Pt Reyes. I embarked on a my journey.

The watercolor workshop was a great success but my paintings were a failure. Instead, my teacher and fellow students encouraged me to take more photos. After that weekend, I explored my local parks, bought many cameras, learned Photoshop and started printing. My art has become a vital counterpoint to my technical work life.

You can view my photographic projects at dorothygantenbein.com, my photo blog at dorothyphoto.com and monotypes at suigenerismonotypes.blogspot.com.