Corel Painter IX

Pix_20041031_home_mg_0215Purchased Corel Painter IX this weekend. Originally, I started photography as documentation for waterolor. Unfortunately, I proved to have no skill at watercolor after spending a long weekend in a watercolor course with Birgit O’Connor. I have read about the Corel Painter and its amazing abilities for digital watercolor. So, I bought it and spent the weekend a little frustrated. Funny, I cannot work with digital watercolor either.

Instead, I liked the oil painting ability. For this image, it is close to paint by numbers. In Painter, I cloned my original photo and used tracing papter with the cloning tools for color. Here is my first attempt. It is still pretty close to my original image. Plus, I do not know how to mix colors in Painter. However, I am hoping to build on this small base on knowledge and learn more. Corel Painter may be more complicated and flexible than even Photoshop.

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