This is from Sunol. It has been fiddled similar to Kathleen Connally’s style. She has a beautiful photoblog, A Walk Through Durham Township, PA. Her pictures have a rich, saturated style that is very distinctive.
Here is how I got a similar look.


First, stitched together two images (remember I like the extra resolution). Next, adjusted the levels and tones to maximize my tonal range. Then, post-processed applied a skylight filter and a Nik Foliage filter (to pop the greens a touch).


To add depth, used the Nik Infrared B&W filter. Used the #2 version because it adds blur.

Blended the infrared layer into the processed layer using Luminosity mode. To avoid blocking up the shadows completely, changed the infrared layer to ~60%. To my final result. Note: rollover to see the different without the infrared layer.

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