Iris (Photo Friday – Experimental)

This is one taken from the Berkeley Botanical Gardens. I did not like the straight up image because not enough emphasis was one the iris. So, had heard about the wonders of LAB color mode and decided to expriment. Found that the ‘b’ channel had good contrast between the foreground and background. Did various blending using the ‘b’ channel and the original color image for this final result.


One thought on “Iris (Photo Friday – Experimental)

  1. Dorothy,
    Came to look at your boatyard shots but got completely caught up in your site. These are such beautiful “artistic” photos. This particular one really caught my eye for it’s colors–it reminds me of a Klee painting.
    (from the BCC who has been missing in action at the meetings and outings since the end of last year because I’m too darned busy!)


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