Infrared at Nite

Whenever I talk about shooting infrared photography with my friends, one of the first questions is “So, you do nite photography?” Of course, I have not until the recent nite photography class. We were at a shopping center to shoot water droplets on mylar. Instead, I decided to try out the infrared camera. My initial conclusions is not great. The street lamps caused a ton of flair. I tried shading the lens but that did not help the flare problem. The infrared camera is not very sensitive at nite. I had to shoot at ISO 400, f/2.8, for 10 seconds. It was underexposed by a stop but I did not want the flare to blow out too much.

One thought on “Infrared at Nite

  1. I don’t know much about photography, but I do have some understanding of light.
    Just as with visible light, you need a source to capture a scene. Most night-time infrared cameras (like the kind for surveillance) are assisted by bright infrared LEDs. These LEDs illuminate the scene though they are undetectable by visible light-seeing passerbys.
    Your best bet is to shoot infrared shots during sunrise or sunset when the natural light emitted by the sun contains the greatest amount of infrared light.
    Also, try using the negative of an infrared shot. That might be interesting.


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