Down at the Corner

Down at the Corner
2006-07-30 Santana Row_MG_4688

Just a simple shot taken while visiting Santana Row. I have been making a lot of shots with this composition lately.

PS. You know after looking at this image posted — it could become "Something Wicked This Way Comes". The one rose looks like it is peeking around the corner at the looming darkness. Hmmm. Now, I have to ponder the significance of why I selected this image.

One thought on “Down at the Corner

  1. what a lovely photo. i added your link to my blog so i can check back and see your new photos every day. this is a wonderful composition and i agree with the alternate title…looks very foreboding. i love your usual ethereal dream-like compositions but this is a little different – quite simple and naive (in a good way!!) and very very beautiful.


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