Hibiscus Blossoms

Hibiscus Blossoms
2006-07-20 Santana Row_MG_4617

Another from the archives. Today, I went out and shot my first roll of B&W film. I wanted to do a little ’chimping’ on the preview the entire time and of course there was no preview on my film camera body. I am going to drop off the roll tomorrow and should see them tomorrow evening. Whether or not I post depends on how it turns out. For my first outing, I hope that I end up with one postable image out of 36.

When I told my mother that I had purchased a new film camera body. She said why? I said because black and white film is different than digital color converted to B&W. I have looked at B&W prints and the range of light that B&W film can capture is about twice as big as what digital can capture. Therefore, the effect is very different. Next, she talked to Chip. When he said that she would have to wait to see the my first film efforts. She says "Dorothy bought a film camera! Why!". Sigh. Sometimes, mother just does not listen.

2 thoughts on “Hibiscus Blossoms

  1. The hibiscus shot is lovely. Your work is just beautiful! I like the simplicity of this shot. Looking forward to seeing your B+W efforts. What film are you shooting??
    P.S. You are my new favorite photographer. : )


  2. Thanks Terri. I am honored to be one of your favorite photographers.
    I am trying Kodak 400CN B&W film. This B&W film is processed using standard color (C41) processing.
    Take carea and thanks again!


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