Geraniums (?)

Geraniums (?)
2006-07-20 Santana Row_MG_4616

I think this is a geranium. However, I am not sure.

Today, I went out to lunch at a Thai restaurants about 4 blocks from my office. I work in downtown San Francisco. I was with my boss but really wanted to dawdle and take a ton of pictures. Now, I am inspired and have a personal goal to go out tomorrow and get some new images.

Lately, I have been reflecting back on my whole photographic experience. It all started pretty simply about 3 years ago. I used to dabble in oil painting in high school (a long time ago). When I went off to college to become a mechanical engineer, I never painted again. About three years ago, I was commuting quite a ways to work. Every day, I would cross the Dumbarton Bridge and return in the evening. The skies were spectacular and reflecting in the calm bay waters. It inspired me to paint again. I decided that I really like watercolors and signed up for a weekend workshop from a gifted artist. I bought a small digital camera just to take record shots for later paintings. Well, I am a totally unskilled watercolorist and was by far the worst in my workshop. However, the ladies in the watercolor workshop liked my photos and gave me encouragement to pursue my photography. I think my photo montages are my frustrated inner painter.

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