Accidental Self-Portrait

Accidental Self-Portrait
2006-08-20 Santana Row_4

This is another from my baby-steps into black and white film photography. I was upstairs in the Borders bookstore in Santana Row. I noticed the palm fronds outside the window and thought — hmmm maybe a good black and white photo. Instead here I am gripping the camera (in bad form because my left-hand is not cradling the lens) appearing through the blurry fronds. I was using manual focus and I am not sure what I thought was sharp. I am using my favorite 50mm f/1.4 lens which is my default lens when I need lightweight, fast, etc.

On a digital technique note, I tried simulating the creamy effects of a cold head enlarger using Noise Ninja. Actually, I have never been in a wet darkroom and did not know what that meant but I do like the effect. For all the details, check out Doug Plummer’s Dispatches.

On the humorous side, I spoke to Mother this morning. She has already called my B&W film adventure ’stupid’. For any B&W photographers reading this posting, please do not take offense, just remember that she does not really know anything about photography. Well, she saw yesterday’s post and said "I guess it is pretty enough if you could just add some color."

3 thoughts on “Accidental Self-Portrait

  1. and here i was hoping to see a photo of you and all i get are palm fronds and someone holding a camera funny. : )
    you have a very lovely hand. hehe.
    that’s funny about you mother. maybe she is on to something. i had been shooting b+w for a long time and suddenly i had the same thought…wouldn’t it be nice to have some colour here?? hence the transition back to colour. i guess everything has it’s limitations. i find b+w great for shadow work and flattering portraits of things and people but seem to be happier in colour for everything else. have you tried any shadow work? andre kertesz is the master of the shadow. 🙂


  2. As a completely inexperienced photographer i think
    that the more colors goes away the more the atmosphere
    becomes gloomy. The only exception, i think, are bright
    photos where black is not present and the shades of grey
    are very light.


  3. I guess Mother is on to something about wanting a little color. I have heard it from several sources lately including Terri and Matteo. You now have me thinking about doing some small amount of color with a hand-tinted look over my B&W. Hmmm….


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