Yosemite #21

Yosemite #21
2006-04-21 Yosemite_MG_2260 copy

This is from my ’lost Yosemite’ series. I found some photos that I never posted from my Yosemite visit. These are not favorities but worth posting. So now, I have more images until I get back out there. This was taken my first day in the park during midday full sun. I used a high-dynamic range (HDR) image with about 7 bracketed images. You can see the clouds move between shots.

On a different note, Terri has pointed out that I have no photo of myself on my site. I have be negligent and my only excuse is that I hate to have my photo taken. However, I want to apply for a passport. I am considering visiting London for the Hampton Court Palace Flower Charity Gala Preview over in England. They contacted me about using a water lily image for their promotion. Well, that got me thinking why not go visit?

2 thoughts on “Yosemite #21

  1. I typed a comment already, but it seems to have gone missing…sorry if two appear on your site.
    what an honour to be chosen by a hort club to have one of your photos used. imagine how many flower photos they see!! definitely go for a visit if you can!
    i like the yosemite shot…the softness and the muted colours are soothing, but i like the crisp detail in the feathery branches of the trees. a nice combination of delicate detail and softness. i also like those soft scattered clouds that seem almost to mirror the soft water below. lovely!


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