City Center Receding

City Center Receding
2005-12-27 Coyote Creek_MG_6448C

This is a montage of three images. The images of the tree trunks was taken in Samuel P Taylor park but never posted. The second image is a marsh scene from Coyote Creek trail. The final image was taken with my small digicam in downtown Oakland.

On an earlier B&W post, Terri mentioned the B&W work on Andre Kertesz. This reminded me of a find at Photo San Francisco. Check out the Night Journey series of Susan Kae Grant. I visited the Modern Book booth and was fortunate to see her entire portfolio. On my B&W images, I must try a more creative approach to unblock myself. I think all the masterful B&W work that I have seen is running through my head and stopping my own experimentation.

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