Long Life

Long Life
2006-09-03 SF_MG_4817-01

Hope that everyone (in the US) s enjoying their long Labor Day weekend. This one reminds me little of the Rothko painting that Chip and I saw at SF MOMA today. I like the thought of Long Life floating in the image. It was a reflection in the Metreon that I mirrored so that the text is readable.

One thought on “Long Life

  1. very interesting composition…i really like abstract stuff like this.
    i’ve been looking at decorating magazines lately (new house…eventually) and realize that architecturally and furniture-wise, i love plain, simple old-fashioned things most (like arts+crafts era), but prefer modern art (paintings)! this looks like something i’d like to hang on my wall, to perk up all the old stuff! maybe i will have to BUY something from you for my new home. do you sell your work? can i afford you? : ) happy labor day!


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