Guadalupe River #2

Guadalupe River #2
2006-09-30 Guadalupe River_MG_5278

This week has been very difficult. I will not be posting for a few days while I recharge my creative batteries.

A few days ago, we had to put down our little dog, Cho-Cho. Cho-Cho was elderly and started to become extremely sick last Sunday. Chip and I adopted Cho-Cho two years ago from a dog rescue. She was a little black mop and mostly Cairn terrier. We knew she was an older dog but I could not leave her in the cage. After filling out the paperwork, Cho-Cho was literally charging out of the pet store ahead of us to the car. That turned out to be very indicative of her personality, in one word, determined. Cho-Cho has brought a lot of delight into our house. I hope that she is now enjoying a comfy dog bed, many ear rubs, has a shallow stream nearby to explore, and of course, liver snaps. Bye sweetie, we miss you.

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