Uvas Canyon

Uvas Canyon

This one has sat in the camera for a few days. It was taken on New Years eve. Later that day, we adopted a new little dog named Maizy Girl through the wonderful Ohlone Humane Society.  She is about 2 years old and is mostly black with white socks on her feet and a white chest blaze. She has silky longish hair, standup ears and a curly tail. We call her Monkey Face because of all her expressions. After a little review, I am almost certain that she is a purebred Papillon although she was labeled a Pomeranian mix.  Her pictures may be up for a while on Petfinder.

One thought on “Uvas Canyon

  1. I was not aware that letting picture age in the camera helped it mature.” Ha! But really, this is a remarkably beatiful shot and I love how well it works in B&W.


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