Converting InDesign PDF to Blurb

16 Street, San Francisco

These directions are for exporting from InDesign CS3 to Blurb’s Booksmart software.

Open your book in InDesign.

  • If you are doing full bleed images, make sure that your document as an extra 1/8″ bleed on all margins.

In InDesign, choose File | Export.

  • Choose for Adobe PDF Preset: [High Quality Print]
  • Check Spreads
  • In the left-hand side, choose Marks and Bleeds item
  • Check Use Document Bleed Settings
  • Click Export

Open Bridge and select your newly exported PDF

  • Right click on your PDF and choose Open With -> Adobe Photoshop CS3

In Photoshop, you now have the Import PDF dialog open

  • Select all the pages to convert
  • Choose Media Box from the Crop To choices. In the dialog, look at the image size values to make sure that you have a full bleed image. Mine has an extra 1/8″ on all margins.
  • Click OK and your will have all your page spreads open as images.

In Photoshop…

  • Assign the sRGB profile to your images. Use the Edit | Assign Profile command.
  • Save your pages to a directory.

Open Booksmart software.

  • Create a new book of the correct size and choose blank for the template
  • Import your page spread images that you just created in Photoshop.
  • Drop your images onto your blank pages.

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