One Thing Led to Another

One Thing Led to Another

Well, posts are going to be sporadic over the next month or so. We needed to replace our carpet everywhere – for a long time now.

So, we are installing bamboo flooring in all the bedrooms and the family room. In the family room, we need to replace our leaky patio door with pet door inset. When doing hardwood (er bamboo) floors, you should change the patio door first. So, chalk up a new patio door. To keep the family room warmer, we are installing a hi-tec pet door in the side of the house. With new flooring, we are also replacing all the interior doors as well. Of course, all the baseboards are getting replaced. Finally when the rooms are empty, we are painting the interior walls!

We are getting much needed rain all weekend. This was taken through the car window while waiting for Chip to come out of Walgreens this afternoon.

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