Yerba Buena Arts Center

Yerba Buena Arts Center
2006-09-03 SF_MG_4839-01

Another grab shot on the way to the museum. The Yerba Buena Arts Center is between SF MOMA and the Metreon. This is the street side of the same building.

I have been very remiss. Please let me recommend reading of Chronic Pain Lifestyle by Colin and his co-author, Anne. I met Colin last spring via the magic of the ’blogosphere’ . Colin had found my photo blog and requested using my images to illustrate his postings. Well, meeting Colin and reading his inspirational postings has given me the better end of the bargain. I look forward each new posting by Colin and Anne. Given their courage in living a full life despite chronic pain has given me a better perspective on my own health problems. Colin may not realize but he has also provided me with valuable image editing input just by seeing which images he chooses. I believe that Colin has more insight into my work than I do. I also think that Colin’s success has pushed a lot more traffic to my own site. Thank you, Colin!

As for Colin’s co-author, Anne, I feel an unspoken connection to her. Anne attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison, the same as me, and started just a year before. Anne and I were both born and raised in Wisconsin. So reading her stories, makes me feel nostalgia for Wisconsin and my own childhood. I have had many similar experiences. Please go visit Chronic Pain Lifestyle and see if reading it gives you new perspective on your own problems.

On another note, I have been procrastinating in putting up an About page including a picture of myself. I will get it done. Also, I want to revamp my layout to include the blogs that I regularly read.

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