3 thoughts on “Branched Walkway

  1. Again I see an image that is not the subject of the photo:
    In the upper left area, about a third of the way across from the left I see a typical alien head. The large upper head rounding downward to the small chin. Two large eyes looking to the left, large crease on the forhead running back to emphisize the right and left hemispheres of the brain. The mouth is open, baring teeth.
    Looking forward to seeing your bio when complete.
    Thanks – Mack


  2. Hi Mack –
    That is remarkable to me and sort of ruins the image for me. I guess I will have to dodge a little to break the illusion.
    Thanks.for taking time comment. Take care…


  3. Great spot, Mack! I love Dorothy’s work; sorry to talk around you, Dorothy. I found Dorothy by mistake–it’s a long story, but I followed the tracks of a man in chronic pain who described her work as, “…capturing perfectly what we feel, including hope…” Wish I’d said that. I’ve yet to find an image that doesn’t challenge me. My particular favorites tend to be black and white, experimental, and abstract. How about you? An avid fan, Colin


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