Crocker Galleria

Crocker Galleria
2006-09-03 SF_MG_4792

This is the entrance to the Crocker Galleria. This is close to my office and I come here for lunch all the time.

This morning, I had a mother moment. She looked at this image. Asked where it came from, etc. Then she says "Wow, you are getting weird on this Modern kick." Actually, I agree because I have no idea where this current kick will end. Then, Mother says "Very interesting… Yes, very interesting, but I do not like it. Did you hear me, I do not like it." Thanks, Mom. I kind of agree by the way. This is an iffy one that I posted because I am running out of material again.

3 thoughts on “Crocker Galleria

  1. wow, san fran looks so civilized. and it has ART! we don’t have much interesting architecture or art here…
    there are a few nice buildings, but they seem few and far between.
    : )


  2. Thanks, Matteo and Terri. I would agree that SF has alot of amazing architecture. If I find a street photographer with good images of SF architecture, I will pass on the link.


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