Hobart Building

Hobart Building
2006-09-03 SF_MG_4880

The smaller, older building is the Hobart building where I work. It is located in downtown San Francisco. After the devastating 1906 earthquake, the Hobart building was one of the first building rebuilt. Our lobby has a gold gilt ceiling with hanging chandelier. The paneling is marble with a large inset marble clock. We do not have air conditioning but do have 10 foot ceilings and windows that open.

I commute to work on the BART train which arrives underground directly underneath our building. We ride an escalator up to street level and this is the view. Yesterday, I noticed a couple looking slightly bewildered standing at the start of the escalator. I got on the escalator and they were right behind me. As we rode up, I always look up at the view. Behind me, I heard the wife say "Holy Toledo! …. Wow!" and the husband say "Crap!". I assumed they were awed by the sight and sound of Market street coming into view. Or…something totally unrelated.

3 thoughts on “Hobart Building

  1. Ooh la la – what a positively splendid building you work in! Gilt ceilings, chandeliers! So posh! And when I am in San Fran I can now track you down by riding the escalator and watching for the lady with all the camera gear 🙂 Just kidding!! It is a very charming building and a lovely photo I might add. I so envy you having windows that open…that is just so civilized. I hate being hermetically sealed in my (brand new) building. I also love the contrast of the old building with the new. What a playful visual juxtaposition. It must be a delight to come to work every day.
    Thanks too for sharing your city Dorothy! My boyfriend has visited San Fran, but I haven’t. Thanks to your photos, it is now on my “Must See” list!!


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